IN THE BEGINNING, GOD created the heavens and the earth. Genesis 1:1

I’m told that the best writing is succinct and “tight.”  Hebrew text has been described as succinct, “tight” copy, without extraneous words and detail.  No where in Scripture is that more true than in the condensed expanse of the creation account.  In a few short paragraphs, God introduces Himself and creation is detailed.

 The details of creation offer a glimpse into Who this God is.  By SPEAKING God created light/dark, sky, land/seas, vegetation with a built-in system for perpetuation, creatures (created beings): birds/fish/animals/people.  People are classified with the creatures in that they are created beings of God.  The people-creatures are as set apart and superior to the animal-creatures and are given distinction by God: created in God’s image (some aspects of God’s image may be: spiritual, moral, intelligence, emotional and will)  and to have dominion (authority and rule) over creation (1:26).  In chapter 2 God introduces:  God’s details of His creation of Adam and Eve, a perfect garden, marriage, and sin and it’s consequences.

So, SOME of what we learn from this understated expansive introduction is:  God is: powerful, creative, organized, has a plan for the earth and people, intends to bless them, wants to delegate responsibility to them; wants a relationship with them, is moral and expects people to be moral; there are consequences when people are not moral, the consequences of people being immoral bring consequences to self and others and in this account, the consequences extended to the earth.  

Sin’s consequences are division, shame, havoc, fear, blame, etc.

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