About Me


Hi Everyone!,

I believe there’s been a writer living inside of me for a while, but a recent life shift is just now allowing her to come out!  I live with my husband in snowy, cold Southeast Michigan, having been transplanted 30+ years ago from the kinder, gentler winters in Northeast Philadelphia, PA.

For the last 10 years I was a therapist and for part of that time, owned ReGenesis Counseling which I loved, loved, loved!! and hadn’t planned on walking away from any time soon.  ReGenesis is now closed, effective December 19, 2014.  More on that . . .sometime.

I meet Christians who believe God is out to get them, or, God doesn’t care about them, or, some other such thought, which, if they read Scripture, they would begin to understand that these things are not possible because they are “out of character” for God.  I must confess that for a large part of my Christian life I was in this category.

A missionary to Chad, stated that the mission board required that nationals be able to read before they could be “led to Christ.”    She believed this was unfair. 

What she learned was that those who read Scripture grew, those who didn’t – didn’t.  

I believe it’s not optional but the lifeblood of Christians, those who read Scripture grow, those who don’t – don’t.

I grew up in church and began my personal random search of Scripture in childhood.  I attended Bible College to get more information about God.  It was during this time that I came to believe that I “HAD TO” read Scripture.  When I did not, life was qualitatively different!  What I observed is that it fundamentally, radically changed me in every way.  This site is to describe and hopefully discuss with you our, yours and my, experiences in reading/understanding Scripture.

I’ve come to believe it’s not optional but the lifeblood of Christians.  Those who read Scripture grow (in knowledge and love of God, and in knowledge and love for people) and in grace and peace; those who don’t – don’t.

I attended Baptist Bible College, Clarks Summit, PA and Grand Rapids Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids, MI.  Although I have 7 years of formal Bible training, the purpose of this blog is not to search Scripture academically but rather to search Scripture (or figure out how to) with an open heart so we can see the heart of God.  Please come join the conversation!


Grace and peace!

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